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Bridging the gap in health equity through enrichment programming  for at-risk youth

To 'bridge the gap' between crucially needed enrichment programming through offering trauma-informed enrichment programs such as yoga, SEL, and mindfulness for youth ages 5-17 who are considered underserved and 'at-risk' due to socioeconomic factors, high adverse childhood experience (ACE) scores or disabilities that have left these students at both a personal & academic disadvantage among their peers.


 Our goal is to educate, encourage & empower students by teaching them evidence-based health/wellness mindfulness practices, coping strategies for successfully managing stress & difficult emotions, increasing behavioral + emotional self-management, improving social relationships, strengthening resiliency, and building better overall mental, emotional & physical health.


YOGA-2-GO provides crucial enrichment programming for underserved populations, particularly youth throughout Greenville and surrounding counties. Enrichment services are provided on-site for afterschool programs and youth organizations servicing school-aged children between 5-17 years.





*Non-profit youth organizations strongly encouraged to

apply for partnership opportunities with YOGA-2-GO!

For more information,

contact YOGA-2-GO, LLC at


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