We Bring the Yoga Class to YOU!!!

Who We Are

At YOGA-2-GO, we are focused on providing  each child with a truly fun, unique, multi-sensory yoga experience!

We offer both group and private yoga programs on location at schools, day cares, clinics, therapy centers, and youth organizations!

With each YOGA-2-GO yoga class, children enjoy participation in movement games, imaginary play, yoga poses, breathing techniques, music/dance, social interaction games, stories or visualizations, and relaxation time. 

Our classes empower students to feel and think their best!!! 

During each class, students learn how to use various yoga and calming techniques to implement on their own as needed throughout the day in order to improve behavior, mood, focus, concentration and self confidence. Students practice fun and easy self-regulation strategies, while also learning invaluable social-emotional tools in each class!