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Pre-recorded Webinars

 YOGA TOOLS™ pre-recorded educational webinars are perfect for educators, therapists, counselors, social workers, administrators, yoga teachers, paraprofessionals or caregivers interested in learning how to easily incorporate evidence-based yoga/movement, mindfulness & SEL practices into their school, clinic or home setting.  

Each pre-recorded webinar provides a variety  of therapeutic tools designed to help children and teens learn effective self-regulation strategies needed for managing stress, navigating difficult emotions, decreasing anxiety, increasing focus, buidling resiliency, and improving  overall mental, emotional, and physical health for optimal learning readiness and success!

Each pre-recorded webinar comes with:

  • Webinar recording to download and keep with no expiration date

  • Instructional manual to download as a PDF

  • Bonus mindfulness audio & video recordings for educators/parents

  • A coupon for 15% off next digital download purchase from YOGA-2-GO 

YOGA TOOLS for TOTS™  (1 hour)

Mindful Movement for Early Childhood


This is a  yoga/mindful movement instructional webinar for parents, caregivers and early childhood educators of 3-4 year-old children. Attendees will learn a variety of fun and effective mindfulness games and strategies for engaging young learners, providing them with fun and educational activities to meet the recommended daily movement requirements for toddlers/Pre-K students!



Download immediately available upon purchase



YOGA TOOLS for SCHOOLS™  (2 hours)

The ABC's of Mindful Movement in the Classroom 


This is a school-based yoga and mindfulness instructional webinar that equips K-5 educators with simple, effective mindfulness strategies they can easily integrate into their classroom setting/routine to help their students manage stress, increase focus, navigate difficult emotions, build resiliency and achieve optimal learning readiness and success!





Available upon request. 

Contact YOGA-2-GO

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