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The Y2G CommuniSeeds Program

YOGA-2-GO's mission has always included two very important intentions

1. Providing yoga and other natural health and wellness mindfulness practices to underserved populations who may not otherwise have the exposure or opportunity to experience these; 

2. Equipping others with the skills or tools needed to empower themselves

 The Y2G Communiseeds Program is very aligned with both of these desired intentions!  It began in Summer 2020 with 2 exciting new projects that would provide organic produce for local homeless food shares as well as offer gardening experiences for interested homeless individuals! 
YOGA-2-GO, LLC founder, Amy M. Starkey, wanted homeless individuals to have access to and enjoy the many mental, emotional and physical health benefits that growing your own food source provides!

The CommUnity Garden project:  Three raised garden beds and several containers are used for growing fresh, chemical-free, organic vegetables to share with local organization, "Upstate Food Not Bombs", who provide free meals to approx. 200 Greenville, SC homeless residents every Monday afternoon, rain or shine!

The Garden-2-Go project: With the simple use of empty water bottles filled with soil and seeds, homeless individuals can enjoy their own personal experience of gardening by growing food sources in a way that is sustainable, affordable and easy-to-transport. The YOGA-2-GO, 'Garden-2-Go' project provides homeless individuals with empty plastic water bottles as light-weight, easily-accessible pots for container gardening, a Ziploc bag of organic potting soil and a packet of seeds. By offering these 'mobile' gardens, homeless individuals can begin to enjoy a sense of self-empowerment, pride and joy that comes from growing one's own food!

If you would like to make a financial donation to help support the Y2G CommUnity Seeds Program, please click here: Link

To donate seeds, soil or water bottles, contact YOGA-2-GO via email or call us at 864-300-2152.

Y2G Trainings/Webinars Offered
(1, 2 and 3 hour trainings available)

+YOGA TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS: Mindful Movement for the Classroom

+ YOGA TOOLS FOR TOTS: Mindful Movement for Early Childhood

+ TRAUMA TOOLS FOR THERAPISTS: Mindful Movement for Mental   Health Professionals

+ HOMESCHOOL STAY COOL TOOLS: Mindful Movement for Families