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NEW from YOGA-2-GO!!!


A fun, interactive mindful movement class for virtual learners looking for healthy, social, stress-relieving recess activities!

Individual & group sessions
15 & 25-minute class options
School group discount rates available

Contact YOGA-2-GO for details. 

Qi-GO® Therapeutic Qigong 
+ Mindful Movement Program


"Qi in the Trees™"

Outdoor Private 1:1 Qigong Sessions

Private outdoor Qigong + Mindful Movement sessions held at the beautiful

 Rock Quarry Garden Park in downtown Greenville, SC!

Enjoy being surrounded by the beauty & serenity of nature while learning Qigong, a gentle but powerful 4,000-year old Chinese health & wellness mindfulness practice for all levels.

Perfect for those looking for a simple, effective practice in mindfulness, movement and self-care! 

*Conveniently located for booking a downtown lunchtime 'de-stress' session!

*30, 60 and 90 min. sessions available!

Ages 16 -Adult/all ability levels welcome!

*(masks required upon arrival but can be removed for session)

Contact YOGA-2-GO for details.