We Bring the Yoga Class to YOU!

Child & Teen 
Private 1:1 Yoga 
(ages 5-17)

Your child receives private, personalized 
virtual yoga instruction right from the 
comfort & convenience of home!

In each virtual class, your child will learn sensory-based movement games, yoga poses, calming breathes, self-regulation & mindfulness, and relaxation activities. 

Each session is geared around promoting improved 

focus, self-control, inner calm, body awareness, 

stress management, attention, emotional balance, 

health & more!

Sessions provided via Zoom. 

                                                30 minute private session:

                                                    $50 each  -or-  (4) week package/$175

                                                60 minute private session:

                                                       $85 each -or- (4) week package/$325