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What  is C. A. L. M™ ?

Connected.    Alert.     Listening.     Mindful

...all necessary components for optimal social/emotional health, 
behavior and learning!




for Students & Educators 

(grades K-12)

Your students will learn evidence-based yoga + mindful movement strategies to promote optimal learning, focus, self control, social emotional skills, self-regulation, confidence, stress management and more!

Virtual yoga classes that satisfy both SEL and Physical Activity core educational components!

Classes structured to be easily implemented right from your classroom equipment, set-up or additional space required!

Classes individually designed to meet the educational goals and unique needs of your students.

Each class is:




+Special needs adaptable

Programs designed to fit your scheduling needs:

  • 15-60 minute sessions available

  • Option to schedule weekly, monthly or quarterly classes

Call for details and pricing plans  (864)300-2152


for Children & Families

Child/Teen Private 1:1 
ages 5-17

Your child receives private, personalized virtual yoga 
instruction right from the convenience of home

In each virtual class, your child will learn sensory-based movement games, yoga poses, calming breathes, self-regulation & mindfulness, and relaxation activities. 

Each session is geared around promoting improved focus, self-control, inner calm, body awareness, stress management,  attention, emotional balance, health and more!

Sessions provided via Zoom. 

30 minute private session:

$50 each  -or-  (4) week pkg/$175

60 minute private session:

$100 each -or- (4) week package/$375

Child/Teen Yoga Therapy
ages 5-17

A specialized 60-minute virtual yoga therapy session to address your child's unique 
needs &  goals

Intake form/evaluation done prior to start of first session to address all areas of concern and design therapy sessions to accommodate your child's individual therapeutic needs.

Perfect for children with various special needs, including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, PTSD/trauma, depression, 
Sensory Processing Disorder, 
 & other developmental delays.

***Weekly virtual consultation & home program provided 

30 minute therapy session
$100 each -or- (4) week pkg/$375

60 minute therapy session:
$150 each 
4 week package/$575

4-week Virtual 

Family Yoga Program

ages 4+

This 4-week private therapeutic family yoga + mindfulness program is specially designed to meet the unique needs of your family! 

Parents & children will learn fun, effective, therapeutic yoga poses & breathes, mindfulness games and relaxation techniques, all proven to  decrease stress,  navigate difficult emotions, and create an increased sense of calm and connection among family members.

Your 4-week virtual/therapeutic

 family  yoga package includes:

 + (4) weekly 30-min. virtual yoga sessions with all family members

 + (4) weekly (15)-min virtual consultations

+ (4) weekly C.A.L.M. KIDS YOGA™

 pre-recorded video downloads

+ 10% off a (30) or (60)-minute 

yoga therapy 4-week package

+ Membership to the weekly 

YOGA-2-GO, LLC newsletter

+ A 25% discount on children's yoga/mindfulness educational games from the 

RE-MIND © Children's Mindfulness product line during the entire month of your package sessions!

4- Week Private Family Package:

Regularly $550

Special introductory rate...

Only $350!!!


for Employers & Staff

 "Qi-V" Virtual Private
Therapeutic Qigong

 Virtual Private 1:1 
Adults 18+/all ability levels

Virtual sessions include gentle movement, breathing, acupressure & meditation exercises designed to release stress, calm & focus the mind, strengthen the immune system & improve overall health & well-being!

Private 1:1 sessions

30 min/$50 -or- 4/$175

60 min/$100- or-4/$375

"Qi-V" Virtual Group
Mindful Movement
 Virtual Group Classes
Adults 18+/all ability levels  

Sessions include gentle movement, breathing, acupressure & meditation exercises designed to release stress and tension, balance emotions and improve mental, emotional & physical health!

Group classes:

$15/class per person -or- 

4 class package/ $50

"Mindful Meetings"
Virtual Staff Classes
Organizational  Sessions

Let Ms. Amy provide a specially-designed virtual mindfulness session for your next staff meeting that will boost mental clarity + focus, 
restore energy, and decrease stress & tension for improved on-the-job performance!

15-60 minute sessions available
Call for organizational & individual rates


Schedule & Pay Online:


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